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English Murli. Essence: Sweet children, do not look at the body but at the soul. Consider yourself to be a soul and speak to the soul. You have to make this stage firm.
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Madhuban Murli LIVE Daily 7.00 am to 8.00 am IST. click here to watch old murlis . click here to read english
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What is Murli? Ans: Commonly speaking it is the language of God also known as Murli (flute or music for the soul )is a deeper spiritual study.
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Completely New Website For Madhuban Murli Service. GET DAILY FULL MURLIES IN HINDI, ENGLISH, TELUGU WITH AUDIOS ( Click Here or on logo to...
Brahmakumaris Murli
Essence: Sweet children, do not look at the body but at the soul. Consider yourself to be a soul and speak to the soul.
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See also Sakar Murli, Avyakt Murli, Divine Decrees. From the Hindi word for flute, as seen pictured symbolically in the hands of Krishna, the BK Murlis are the ...
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Today's Murli in Hindi * For Today's Murli ... Home: About Us : Audio Library: Video Library : Photo Gallery
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Message from BK Nirwair Bhai Ji in honour of Br Anthony Strano 28th July - Didi Manmohini ji Special Article on Didi Manmohini Ji ... 04-Avyakt Murli Section;
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About BkMurlis. Murli is Daily food for thought letter from GOD. Murli is the Key element for every student of Brahma Kumaris Murli is read everyday in cles at ...
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Today Murli for mobiles. Only for Brahma Kumaris Regular Students. If you can't open Murli may be some error today. Please go to http://www.batado.in/redirect.php?url=http://jewels.brahmakumaris.org.
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